Ballard Locks Opening Day 1917 article


My name is Susan Connole, I'm with the Friends of the Ballard Locks history group, volunteers gathering, archiving and researching the history of the Chittenden Locks in Seattle.

The Locks were dedicated nearly 100 years ago. On July 4, 1917 a huge celebration took place with speeches, bands playing, fireworks- and a parade of local vessels led by the government boat Roosevelt. With the centennial of the Locks coming up next year the history group is searching for information on those parade boats.

From newspaper accounts, interviews, yacht club records, etc. we haveĀ located the namesĀ of 112 vessels in that parade. We are searching for any information about them- builder, owners, history, whereabouts, etc.- and would appreciate any details or information your membership might have.

I have attached a list of boat names, a poster for display and a print of the Seattle times article about the dedication, feel free to share them with your members. Please visit our web page or contact me directly if you have any questions. Thank you.

Susan Connole
Friends of the Ballard Locks